It must have been the pepperoni talking…

Ernie and Addie’s Alaska 2014 adventure was born on July 17, 2013 over pizza and a beer, or two, in the Mellow Mushroom bar in the Vista, Columbia, SC. A casual comment by Ernie, reminiscing about a solo motorcycle trip to Alaska in 2005, sparked the notion it would be a great idea for the two of them to take a road trip to Alaska the following summer. The next morning, the pepperoni having worn off, the idea seemed preposterous!

There were two major problems. Addie would have to take off six or eight weeks from work and school. And, someone eminently trustworthy would have to take care of her dog-child, Otis. Well, Addie’s boss and mentor, Stacy, said, no problem, the break from work and school could happen. When Joyce, Addie’s mom, immediately agreed to keep the granddog while Addie was away, miraculously, the trip was possible!

This little cookie-cutter WordPress website/blog was cobbled together so Ernie and Addie could keep a structured record of their adventure and so family and friends might use it to keep up with their travels and stay in touch. They would, of course, also be checking their personal emails.

Please feel welcome to jump in by commenting on the Blog page, or just browsing the picture galleries on the Photos page. More trip details than anybody could possibly be interested in, including the originally planned itinerary, maps, and comments about places, attractions, services and accommodations along the route, can be found on the About page.

Header Photo Credit

The “Mount McKinley and Wonder Lake” photograph, only a cropped portion of which is used as the header image, is the copyrighted work of BillC. The original photograph is magnificent and may be viewed on this blog’s Photos page and downloaded, in several sizes, from Wikimedia Commons. The photograph and header image are used here, and may be used by others, pursuant to the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.