About the blog’s header image…

Mount McKinley reflecting in Wonder Lake Denali National Park, Alaska

Mount McKinley reflecting in Wonder Lake, Denali National Park, Alaska

The blog’s header image was created by cropping a narrow horizontal strip from a larger photograph. The cropped image does not do justice to the original photo. Click on the thumbnail, to the left, to see the photograph in its original form.  See the Header Photo Credit at the foot of the Welcome page for copyright and use details .

2 thoughts on “About the blog’s header image…

  1. Bill Sholar

    Smote? Smote? Mrs. Brinkman and/or Mrs. Skidmore would be hyperventilating if they read that. Yes, this is a test. Where are you now?

    1. Ernie Post author

      Hey, Bill! That was Addie talking about being smote. We were camping in Banff National Park, Alberta for two days without Internet access. We are now in Dawson Creek, British Columbia and will be posting and trying to get some pictures uptonight. Internet access here is nothing to brag about. Tomorrow is going to be a long one, as we plan to be in Watson Lake, Yukon Territory tomorrow night.


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