First and very important

Ernie 7/4/14 Johns Island, South Carolina

As mentioned on the Welcome page, Addie and I would not be able to set off on this adventure were it not for two special people.

Stacy, who is Addie’s boss in the lab where she works and also her mentor in the PhD program to which she is committed, has been a wonderful advocate, resource and friend since the very beginning of Addie’s post-graduate efforts. Addie and I appreciate Stacy’s reflexive willingness to help make this father-daughter lark possible more than she knows.

Then, there was the Otis problem. Addie’s dog, Otis, is a designer mutt, a Labradoodle, if you must know, that is her dog-child. Who would have thought I would have a Labradoodle for a granddog?! Anyway, if Addie was to run amok on the North American continent for seven or eight weeks, Otis must be in impeccably acceptable hands. The only two people on Earth who have previously been deemed worthy are, Joyce (Mom) and Otis’s Aunt Valerie. Mom immediately agreed. Mom played another major roll. As the family CFO, she looked the other way as the expense of this financial fiasco mounted. No small thing, that!

So, Stacy and Joyce, Addie and I appreciate the fact that we are able to enjoy this adventure only because of your help. Thank you!